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"kalima" means "word" in English, our business is completely based on "words"... More about us.

Software solutions developer
Kalmasoft expertise goes beyond the ordinary end-user applications, we develop large packages for enterprise and corporate business on a contractual basis, please view our projects inside. More...

A major web content provider
We provide custom and off-shelf lexical databases, a fine-tuned final product that is exactly right for you, or a business-ready solution. We also retain a wide spectrum of bilingual (English<>Arabic) electronic lexicons cover almost every aspect of life. More...

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  Multilingual Databases

 Names Advanced Processor

 Arabic PoS Tagger

 Arabic Noun Inflector

 Amharic Verb Conjugator

 Arabic Verb Conjugator

 Arabic Root Extractor

 Personal Names Romanizer

 Personal Names Transcription

 Personal Names Arabicizer

 Roman Names Arabicizer

 Personal Names Retrieval

 Personal Names Classifier

 Geographic Names Arabicizer

 Geographic Names Romanizer

 Geographic Names Retrieval

Names Advanced Processor

Names Advanced Processor

Names Advanced Processor, a web based solution for names processing. (Schedule presentation)

Arabic part of speech tagger

Arabic PoS Tagger

Arabic text part of speech tagger, a new approach to Arabic syntactic processing, Arabic NER tagger for dataset labeling. (Evaluation copy soon)

Amharic visualization interface

Amharic Conjugator

Amharic verb orthography conjugation system, now avilable; enjoy evaluating our software.(Free Edition)

MAPS heirarchy

Kalmasoft MAPS

Kalmasoft MAPS, download 6 modules for evaluation including orthography & onomastics. (Download modules)

Alustad cases

Alustad Web

Alustad, law practice management system, supports 20 countries and seven world languages. (Schedule demo)

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