Software development, multilingual lexical databases, and language engineering solutions

"kalima" means "word" in English, our business is completely based on "words"...

Kalmasoft expertise goes beyond the ordinary end-user applications, we develop large packages for enterprise and corporate business on a contractual basis, please view our projects inside.

We provide custom and off-shelf lexical databases, a fine-tuned final product that is exactly right for you, or a business-ready solution. We also retain a wide spectrum of bilingual (English<>Arabic) electronic lexicons cover almost every aspect of life.

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Multilingual Databases
Name Processing
Names Advanced Processor
PoS Tagging
Arabic PoS tagger
Entity Extraction
Arabic entity tagger/extractor
Noun Inflection
Arabic Noun Inflector
Verb Conjugation
Arabic Verb Conjugator
Name Transcription
Personal Names Transcriber
Name Romanization
Personal Names Romanizer
Name Arabicization
Personal Names Arabicizer
Name Arabicization
Geographic Names Arabicizer
Name Romanization
Geographic Names Romanizer
Multilingual Dictionaries
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