Amharic Verb Conjugator


Amharic Verb Conjugator is one of a set of software tools developed to assist in processing Ethiopic languages.


Reference: AMRCONJ

Last updated: 15/1/2023


Amharic is a non-concatinative language, it can be described as derivational language meaning that the morphotactics depend rather on affixation i.e. adding morphemes onto the word with only slightly changing the root, that is, preserving the core order of the verb binyanim, this results in the highly regular inflectional pattern distinguishing the language.

Amharic verb conjugator

Sample output

P: person (1st, 2nd, 3rd)
N: number (Singular, Dual, Plural)
G: gender (Feminine, Masculine)
1: first person
2: second person
3: third person
S: singular
P: plural
F: feminine
M: masculine
ACT: Active
PAS: Passive
IMP: Imperative
JUS: Jussive
PRF: Perfective
IMF: Imperfective
IND: Indicative
SUB: Subjunctive
Verb: Amharic verb form