Alustad Legal Case Management System (Desktop Edition)


Alustad© is an integrated system designed to assist legal professionals, a combination of three modules: Case Management System + Legal Work Flow Management Automation Software + Legal Assistant.

  • Alustad© is designed from the beginning to meet the specific legal requirements and helping attorneys to make the best use of computer in the their everyday practice.

  • Time & Invoicing:

    • Invoicing
    • Core Accounting
    • Cost Recovery
    • Expense Tracking
    • Time Tracking
    • Track Retainers
    • Accounts receivable
    • Accounts payable
    • Trust Accounting
  • Case/Matter Managements:

    • Calendaring & Docketing
    • Conflict of Interest Checking
    • Contact Management
    • Document Assembly
    • Document Management
    • Email Integration
    • Task Management
  • Additional support:

    • Invoicing Reports
    • Productivity Reports
    • Secured Data Storage
    • Invoicing, payment model, invoice
    • Multi-lingual interface (Amharic, English, French, Arabic, Spanish etc).

Main window

Alustad - main window

Alustad displays all procedures and actions on the main window, this classic design is intended for easy interaction with the system.

Time tracking

Alustad - sessions

Alustad utilizes a versatile tool for setting court sessions.

Task management

Alustad - task management

Alustad provides an easy way to schedule any task or managing the agenda.

Rich graphical reports

Alustad - graphical reports

Alustad comes ready with a special module for graphical reporting and visulaization.


Alustad core functionality lies within legal matter management offering multi-faceted performance in terms of legal assistance and other services needed by law practitioners.

User-friendly interface

Alustad - sticky notes

Alustad comes with user friendly interface.

Case manager

Alustad - case export

Alustad provides two ways of sharing legal contents, either by exporting ths case file to (kas) a proprietay file format designed by Kalmasoft or to ordinary folder, either will benefit from the highly organized nature of the system.

Case profile

Alustad - profile

Alustad profiles the case in the better way possible under the wealth of information available.

Contract management


Alustad - notarization


Expense tracking

Alustad - expense tracking

Track all case details down to every single action and task.

Template editor

Alustad - form editor

Templates and boilerplates for different purposes can be prepared using the Editor tools within the system.

Client management

Client management is a core module in Alustad, designed to deal with multiple matters whether penal, civil, or any other category.

Address book

Alustad - contacts

Address book

Message center

Alustad - Message center

A simple but effective message center module is responsible of taking casr of clients' updating, all short messages are sorted and automatically get replied to using only the cellphone as a gateway i.e. no need to pay for messaging services to any other party.

Advanced organizer

Alustad - Advanced case explorer

Compact unit for case tracking of all activities including all documents and other case-related contents.


Alustad is not a data-entry based software, invoicing and other calculations are done semi-automatically without user intervention once all necessary adjustments are made.


Alustad - case accounting

User can audit the account or matter transaction, activity in two different ways; this feature is intended for processing of fees and operates without specifying a particular. Alustad gives multiple options for invoicing.


Alustad - journal

A basic journal accounting unit is incorporated to manage daily income and expenditure, all other case or account related journal posting are done automatically without user interference.

General ledger

Alustad - journal

A general ledger for general accounting.

Service modules

Multiple services and bonus modules exist in the sytem, most of which can only be accessed through the underlying (Electronic Justice System) Kalmasoft e-Filing system.


Alustad - directory

Alustad provides advanced directory module.

User library

Alustad - library editor

Integrated private library editor can be used to prepare private library materials.

e-Filing systems integration


E-Filing system (Electronic Legal Case Filing System) is an integrated system designed by third party to support the judicial institutions in the country and is a fully independent system.

Requirements (Desktop Edition)
Requirement Details
Computer type x86, 32bit, 64bit
Operating systems Microsoft (Windows10, Windows8, Windows7)
Other operating systems can be provided upon request      
Database management MySQL Server Version 5.5
Other programs Any of the following Internet browsers:(Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome)
Storage space required on hard drive At least 1 GB
Processor speed required Pentium processor 1 GHz or faster
Memory required 1 GB or more
The appropriate screen size 15-inch or wider

Software installation requirements
Requirements Desktop Edition Web Edition
User manual, about 200 pages and is a comprehensive and detailed guide to explain how to use Alustad.
The training manual, intended for use in combination with some test cases for targeted training on optimal use of all features of Alustad.
Installation manual, about 10 pages and includes information for the basic installation and setup.

Law office interconnection

Alustad - branch interconnection

Usage of VPN.

Interconnection use case

Alusrad requirements

You can view extended view on e-Filing system page from here Kalmasoft e-Filing system

  Note:-the specifications on this page or in the evaluation copy are subject to change without any prior notice.

General specifications

Specification Details Notes
Alustad technology Desktop Application with limited support for Web applications Desktop and Web Edition are the full Web with support for centralized application works from the desktop
Description of the interfaces Simple interfaces and custom process for official business and include all the traditional means of clarification and guidance
Participation in employment Alustad supports multiple users working on a local network in its process and professionalism.
Use with other computers This program can be used or transferred to any device that meets the technical specifications set out above and can be used without affecting its validity, ease-of-use program makes it possible to practise within hours.
Linking to other systems Exporting information using the standardized format XML files (XML) as well as the possibility of import of miscellaneous files
Drafts and forms Includes b namag Alustad on all drafts and forms required in each field including penal and administrative aspects means dispensing with the reprint all again
Countries supported by Alustad The Desktop Edition comes with the laws of your country, Desktop and Web Edition support many other country law codes Support is also available for the most African countries.
Work within the juvenile justice system electronic This program runs in two types, either solo and it is in this case a legal assistant and case management system, or within the juvenile justice system and in this case would also serve as the legal business system e-Filing system is not provided with Alustad is requested by Governments and official institutions.

Version specifics

Feature Desktop Edition Web Edition
Application level Individual, one computer Webbased, shared
The maximum number of users One user Over 10
The maximum number of users of the intranet Does not support networks 10 operation, 500 version of the Web Edition
The maximum number of open matters Only one case 50, professional process
Supported file types MS DOCX, MS XLSX, PDF MS DOCX, MS XLSX, PDF
Consolidated laws for legal assistant Minimal support for limited number of countries Support of all states law codes and procedures

Comparison (Desktop Edition, Web Edition)

Technical specifications Desktop Edition Web Edition
Support for the Windows operating system (Windows10, Windows8, Windows7)
Linking branches using leased lines (Dedicated Lines)
MySQL databases use SQL (SQLite for evaluation)
Link to the interactive website
Multiple user interface languages
Dictionary of legal terms
Graphical reports
Human resources management unit
Comprehensive library of laws in more than 50 countries
Support for the native terminology
Exporting to multi-format files (DOC, XLSX, Image, PDF, TXT)
Text editor
Can work independently or within the justice system
E-mail service
Audio recorder
Export to browsers
Locking documents
Database management

Performance indicators

Indicator Detail Circumstances
Exploitation of memory 20 MB for Alustad Terminal, 80 MB for the central programme For the Windows 7 operating system
Response (Response) This time is calculated when the terminal device in the internal network, some reports or processes based on response time if the validity level comprehensive reports or complex and depends on the registered version or trial, for a longer time trial
Reliability (Reliability)
Service availability (AoS) Alustad designed to connect and work with the electronic judicial system operates throughout the year and this ensures the permanent service lawyers Use the recommended operating system and hardware redundancy
Quality of service (QoS)
The possibility of maintenance (Maintainability) Depending on the design program user can maintain data bases for the central programme only, no single software components can be maintained beyond the utility programs available with the operating system, such as browsers The terminal program depends on built-in database do not need maintenance
Scalability (Extendability) DLL dynamic libraries Depending on the version used
Stability (Stability) Highly stable When used in the recommended software environment
Ease of use Average difficulty for daily llastkhedmat This depends on how understanding the setup requirements for this type of software
Security considerations (Safety) This program does not include any parts that may cause privacy penetration or unauthorized traffic to detection, and till we know does not conflict with any local laws or international regulations for safety applicable in any country.

Note:-the specifications contained on this page or in the trial and full versions are subject to change without any prior notice.

Answers to common questions

Thanks for your questions! We have received some questions mostly from the Middle East where lawyers interested in this specialized electronic product, we have dedicated this page to answer most of the answers and replies to your questions.
Question Answer
The law firm, what exactly do I get when the software license?User will receive your official program includes disk and all the documents necessary to begin the process of installation and Setup by the steps outlined in the manual and Alustad is activated via a special code sent to user by e-mail.
How much does it cost to license program?Alustad base price plus an additional amount at the request of additional units or customize and modify the functionality, please write to us for details.
Is there an annual license fees for the software?No, the cost of Alustadme for all versions except the Web Edition because service pack. There is a marginal fee for updated versions of Alustad does not exceed 5% of the value of the license and additional fees will be imposed in the case of custom features.
What does it mean to "license" user mean I won't have every program?Commercial software does not "sell" but that means user have the licensed right to use parole not to resale of the software or any part thereof and not to dismantle Alustad code or licensed to any other party without the authorization of Kalmasoft. But user can call the kalmasoft to get the modified version of Alustad works exclusively for your organization or retain exclusive distribution program and licensed in your country.
General License Agreement described in this link (license agreement)
Can I use the trial version of the official business?No, user can download a trial version from the site but is not suitable for direct application and not covered by any warranty from us and updated without prior notice so user may find yourself compelled to download newer version every time and so may cause loss of data which user fill out.
User could get a full software features for a limited time?No, sorry, trial version works within that process for any of the three items (matters, clients and contracts) will not exceed five of each item, it will also not be able to guarantee the privacy of any data because the trial version works database does not provide any protection for easier installation.
Why Alustad has been named a Alustad?The name originally Persian word (Stadium) used in other contexts to drawing "ASTA" or "Usta" from Turkish to refer to the teacher or a professional career, Alustad name in English "Alustad Advocate System."
Any user can run?No, this program is intended for professionals and lawyers specifically, unless user are familiar with the requirements of that profession or amateur willing to develop a similar program, we do not recommend wasting time on attempts benefit in non-specified purposes.
What is the difference between a "Alustad" and other programs for this type of application?Of course there are many custom applications for professionals of law available online from others, but what distinguishes this system is included, in addition to being not just a data recording program is filled with information and then take it out, it is a legal assistant in addition to integrated case management program, part of a large system (electronic system of Justice) and is not intended to regulate the work of counsel, but at any moment can be linked to the electronic judicial system operates at the level of the judiciary and justice in each country.
Alustad can connect to the Internet to run a law Office?Yes, all versions enable connectivity benefits vary from deployment to clients with limited user control, to link to all branches of the law firm through the website and to the Desktop and Web Edition.
User are designing a website for a lawyer or law firm by electronic?Nope, not electronic specializes in Web design, so that the lawyer has full freedom in choosing the appropriate design of site, program handles databases provided by the Web hosting service usually is connect by providing a limited control by those rules and place a link or a link to pages that Alustad is processed automatically.
Does Alustad link with other institutions within the country?Yes, the overall design of Alustad which took into account the fact that human rights organizations are separated from the rest of the institutions of the country, for example, direct proceedings to courts in the country and could also send ads to the parties to the case from the Court directly as trading records of penal cases of the prosecution without having to go to them, in short program formatted to work in integrated electronic environment at the country level and to link units are described accurately within a comprehensive framework "Interoperable framework" absorbs elements in both vertical and horizontal.
Simply installing a program into an integrated e-government project smoothly because it is designed in accordance with the future vision from the beginning.
To what extent can benefit from the outputs of Alustad?On the conceptional program is too complex to have been investigating many aspects of possible uses for all units within the configured binding method was using code templates and it can actually print output to paper or exported to text files and eventful "RTF" text as well as other types of formats that fit your databases such as "SQL" and "XML" or "HTML" format for browsing.
What is the benefit of voice dictation feature and register?If user would like to listen to your client without interrupted or wasting time writing notes, this feature is useful.
If user would like to process application I who are proficient in computer printing, user can record the contents of the petition and will hear her officer-in-charge of the print the petition and would not need to prepare a draft so user can devote themselves to the cause.
How do I make a file containing the full case documents?This question is answered in the manuals, in short there is a single button press it to each and every matter in a single folder, user can send an email from within Alustad or save it on a CD and user will not need the send it only to put it in drive it displays all content.
Do user support program on any other programs offered on the computer?No, unless the user need to use those other programs (such as text editors and software) user can simply program solo. There are features will not work when connected to an electronic system of juvenile justice, such as the follow-up of cases, e-Filing system is a complex set of software run by the country.
Do I need to program an judicial system even work?No, Alustad can work independently but this makes it a management tool and a way to deal with different files, software functions will be limited in this case to the registry, and the edit summary and proceedings in a professional manner.
User can use Alustad with my assurance that I find what I need?Yes, Alustad integrated in the sense that it works for the profession specifically and therefore has legal information for your country as well as of the means employed in legal proceedings.
For example the following terms (dhoinine, the suspect, accused, suspect) mean one thing but user will find one of them is used in your country and will be introduced by program alone provided adjust Alustad the right way.
What security level in this program?Alustad uses three levels of security for the data matters are fully encrypted (encrypted), and for the e-mail program used (PGP), the Protocol for data transfer to the judicial system, Alustad uses the Protocol (SSL).
What is the difference between the three versions of Alustad?Other than the number of cases that can be open at a time, one performance because the legal profession is no different that the individual or company, but the Desktop Edition is dedicated to a single individual and low security in accordance with individual requirements, version for large law firms and lawyers group supports fewer than ten Networking supports while the Web Edition for large law firms and where extra features including the distribution of tasks and cooperative action and also the technical advantage is that they do not work from the desktop only for Director The rest of the system users using standard browsers.
The easiest way to start learning how to use Alustad?User can download a summary of this page, but we recommend that user download the manual and the documentation before the actual use of the software.
User calculate the assessed legacy or zakaah to one customer, how do I know the result?User can either print the result and send it by fax, or save them in one of the supported formats and then send them in e-mail, or sent directly by e-mail using Alustad and reach your customer in PDF format.
What happens if user want to revert to the use of paper-based system?No need for any action not print all the documents again, Alustad is not designed to dispense with paper but works in an environment of electronic files with double paper, except when linked with an justice system, a large proportion of the documents will be converted into electronic formats.
How Alustad interacts with the texts of the laws are modified?Alustad provides a library user-specific laws to replace any text contained in Alustad library, electronic update library program every year and not in response to amendments to the laws of any country.
Does the Desktop Edition to be used by only one person?Alustad does not require anything more than someone who can share the Desktop Edition as people share your PC, for example, Office Manager and partner, lawyer charges the two matters were, in fact, provides program structure is simple to multiple users (same computer) can determine the rights of any of them.

All rights reserved, copying this page is not allowed without prior written consent from Kalmasoft, please see our terms of use.
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