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 Kalmasoft Arabic Transliteration System "KATS" ©
KATS (Kalmasoft Arabic Transliteration System ©) is a mixed case transliteration system for Arabic and ASBL; KATS tends to maintain the balance between both the phonemic and orthographic characteristics, two contradicting factors; the best pairs have been chosen to achieve this goal while still being able to reverse the process i.e. restoring the target Abjad script. You may download KATS as text file or the print version from the link below.

Download free PDF version of this sample (102 KB, 3 pages)
ID Letter KATS Name Unicode IPA
001 ء ' hamza 0x621 /ʔ/
002 آ | Alif madda 0x622 /ʔɑː/
003 أ ! Alif with hamza above 0x623 /ʔ,ɑ/
004 ؤ O waw with hamza above 0x624 /ʔu/
005 إ E Alif with hamza below 0x625 /ʔi/
006 ئ e yā with hamza above 0x626 /ʔi/
007 ا A Alif 0x627 /ə,i,u,ɑ,ɑ(ː)/
008 ب b 0x628 /b/
009 ة : tā marbuta 0x629 /ə/
010 ت t 0x62A /t/
011 ث x thā 0x62B /θ/
012 ج j jīm 0x62C /ʤ/
013 ح H 0x62D /ħ/
014 خ K khā 0x62E /χ/
015 د d dāl 0x62F /d/
016 ذ c thāl 0x630 /ð/
017 ر r 0x631 /r/
018 ز z zāy 0x632 /z/
019 س s sīn 0x633 /s/
020 ش $ shīn 0x634 /ʃ/
021 ص S Sād 0x635 /sˁ/
022 ض D Dād 0x636 /dˁ/
023 ط T 0x637 /tˁ/
024 ظ Z 0x638 /ðˁ/
025 ع o 'Ayn 0x639 /ʕ/
026 غ g ghayn 0x63A /ɣ/ʁ/
027 ف f 0x641 /f/
028 ق q qāf 0x642 /q/
029 ك k kāf 0x643 /k/
030 ل l lām 0x644 /l,ɫ/
031 م m mīm 0x645 /m/
032 ن n nūn 0x646 /n/
033 ه h 0x647 /h/
034 و w wāw 0x648 /v,u,o,ʊ/
035 ى Y 0x649 /ɑː/
036 ي y   0x64A /j,i,e,iː/
037 ـً N fathatan 0x64B /ən/
038 ـٌ U dammatan 0x64C /un/
039 ـٍ I kasratan 0x64D /in/
040 ـَ a fatha 0x64E /ə/
041 ـُ u damma 0x64F /u/
042 ـِ i kasra 0x650 /i/
043 ـّ ~ shadda 0x651  
044 ـْ & sukuun 0x652  
045 ، , comma 0x60C  
046 ؛ ; semicolon 0x61B  
047 ؟ ? question mark 0x61F  
048 ـ - tatweel 0x640  
049 ٪ %   0x66A  
050 ٰ @ dagger Alif 0x670  
051 پ p   0x67E /p/
052 چ C che 0x686 /tʃ/
053 ژ J zhe 0x698 /ʒ/
054 ڤ v veh 0x6A4 /v/
055 ک Q kāf 0x6A9 /g/
056 گ G gāf 0x6AF /g/

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