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A wide spectrum of end user products compiled to be used as electronic atlases "software"; all support either English>Arabic or Arabic-Arabic that covers almost every aspect of life, including science, IT, medicine, media, military, astronomy, domestic appliances and others. We have spared no effort to ensure that every piece of information is taken care of by our team of lexecographers and roofreaders; the final product is by far a set of fine and nicely illustrated indespensible sources that meet your specific needs.
Specialty Atlases General Atlases Technical Atlases
Military Weapons World Universities Automobile Equipment
Space Equipment World Cuisine Oil and Gas Equipment
UN and NGO Terminology World Sports Musical Instruments
Atlas of Pets World Costume and Uniforms Atlas of Domestic Appliances
Atlas of World Leaders
Atlas of World Scholars
Atlas of World Artists

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Atlas viewer only 5 MB
  1. Extract the RAR archive and install the software.
  2. Download the atlas database of interest.
  3. Run the atlas viewer and click on the "Load" button.
  4. Browse to the database file folder and load the atlas.
  5. The database file is no longer needed, you can remove it to save the space.

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Last updated 26/7/2011