MAPSOrtho Lite "Conjugator" Specifications

Conjugator in words

Provides an advanced and comprehinsve tool to derive Arabic verbs in precise way to ensure high level of precision data for multiple linguistc purposes.
Has a user friendly interface for easy navigation and takes the derivation process to the final level.
Automatically generates International Phonetic Alphabet "IPA" to aid pronunciation of all verb derivatives for pedagogical purposes.
Automatically generates all status codes necessary for next stage of linguistic processing.
Helps to manage an error free bilingual lexicon for the entire scope of your orthographic database.
Ensures the proper encoding for your multilingual applications.
Enables a fully-automated Arabic verb conjugation process.

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Overall Description
  • A professional productivity tool for automatic derivation of Arabic verb/root/stem tokens entered either in native Arabic script or in KATS; its main fucntion is to orthographically derive the full paradigm of any Arabic verb based on its root or stem, or any legitimate Arabic word, just paste, type, or load a file of verbs/roots and the system will start to do very complex procedures starting with root extraction -if necessary- since it is equipped with an advanced Kalmasoft made root extractor that handles a lot of advanced aspects of Arabic orthography related tasks including stemming, script conversion, and lemmatization. MAPSOrtho (Conjugator) is very flexible and its setting panel is easy to use, this is true for all MAPSOrtho family since they have been designed with user experience issue in mind.
  • Supports two transliteration standards KATS, Buckwalter, and four transcription standards ALA-LC, Hans Wehr, ISO, and IPA.
  • Designed for productivity environments, typical applications include batch derivation of large databases of Arabic verbs/roots such as those used in corpora preparation and IR/Data mining software like search engines.
  • Runs in one process, this allows it to start much faster when multiple sources of names are selected to load, to reduce memory usage.
  • Supports Unicode, which is the preferred encoding method for multilingual support. Not only can you open Unicode encoded files but you can also edit files so you can display multiple languages at the same time.
  • Supports Unicode big endian, UTF-8, Western European, and all other encodings supported by MS Windows.
  • Supports drag and drop, enabling you to copy or move selected text between the application and other applications support Open Office, MS Word, MS Excel, or Internet Explorer.
  • You have an option to save all settings to INI files rather than complicated Registry.
  • Export conjugation results to XML, JSON, MySQL, XLSX, and PDF.

    These options allow you to set up the application once and remain effective until you reconfigure again. Once MAPSOrtho Lite detects config.ini in its directory, it loads the settings and reflects all these on the setting panel.

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Conjugation summary Inflection control Argument control
Conjugation summary Inflection control Argument control
Conjugation summary. Inflection control. Argument control.

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