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MAPSTopo© is the family name of our topographical processing package; a specialized module tuned for applications such as information retrieval, document clustering, named entity extraction (NER), and translation. You are also invited to send us your sample input for processing free of charge, we accept limited size samples in any form or encoding.

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This system romanizes geographic names from more than 40 non-Latin script based languages, to either free romanization or standard based romanization, supported "roman languages" are English, French, German, Spanish, and Italian.

The system is capable of transcribing names according to ADEGN, ALA_LC, BGN, Buckwalter, DIN, IGN, ISO, KATS, RJGC, SAS, SATTS, UNGEGN, IPA, Wade-Giles, MPS II, Yale, Tong-yong, Gwoyeu Romatzyh, Nihon-shiki, Kunrei-shiki, Hepburn, Revised Romanization of Korean, McCune–Reischauer.

MAPS place Name Romanizer

MAPS place Name Romanizer
A screenshot of MAPSTopo Romanizer interface, you can view the technical specifications. You may also DOWNLOAD Evaluation copy.

  The sample given below contains multilingual text. Without proper rendering support, you may see question marks, boxes, or other symbols instead of the correct intended characters, you may either get the suitable fonts from our lingual support page.

Vocalized: vocalized version of the nameRoman: Romanized entry
Standard: Romanization standardLanguage: Entry language
Variant: Variant romanizationCommon: popular English Romanization

ID Entry Vocalized Roman Standrad Language Variant English
1 وهران وَهْرَان Wahrān UNGEGN Arabic Oran
2 الدوحة الْدَّوْحَة ad-Dawḩah UNGEGN Arabic Doha
3 طرطوس طَرْطُوس Ţarţūs UNGEGN Arabic Tartus
4 الدار البيضاء الدارُ الْبَيْضَاء ad-Dār al-Bayḑā' UNGEGN Arabic Casablanca
5 بنديدا بِنْدِيدَا Bindīda UNGEGN Arabic Bendida
6 الخرطوم الْخُرْطُوم al-Khurţūm UNGEGN Arabic Khartoum
7 أبها أبْهَا Abhā UNGEGN Arabic Abha
8 بنزرت بَنْزَرْت Binzirt UNGEGN Arabic Bizerte
9 الحازمية الْحَازْمِيَّة al-Ḩāzmīyah UNGEGN Arabic Alhazimiyah
10 北京 Běijīng Hanyu Pinyin Chinese
11 重庆 Zhòngqìng Hanyu Pinyin Chinese
12 上海 Shànghǎi Hanyu Pinyin Chinese
13 天津 Tiānjīn Hanyu Pinyin Chinese
14 安庆 Ānqìng Hanyu Pinyin Chinese
15 蚌埠 Bàngbù Hanyu Pinyin Chinese
16 亳州 Bózhōu Hanyu Pinyin Chinese
17 巢湖 Cháohú Hanyu Pinyin Chinese
18 池州 Chízhōu Hanyu Pinyin Chinese
19 滁州 Chúzhōu Hanyu Pinyin Chinese
20 जबलपुर Jablpur Non-Standard Hindi
21 जाजमऊ Jaajamoo Non-Standard Hindi
22 कानपुर Kanpur Non-Standard Hindi
23 गुरुग्राम Gurugram Non-Standard Hindi
24 प्रयागराज Pryagraja Non-Standard Hindi
25 शिमला Shimla Non-Standard Hindi
26 सागर Sagr Non-Standard Hindi
27 თბილისი Thbilisi Non-Standard Georgian
28 ბათუმი Bathumi Non-Standard Georgian
29 ქუთაისი Khuthaisi Non-Standard Georgian
30 რუსთავი Rusthavi Non-Standard Georgian
31 გორი Gori Non-Standard Georgian
32 ზუგდიდი Zugdidi Non-Standard Georgian
33 ფოთი Phothi Non-Standard Georgian
34 ხაშური Khashuri Non-Standard Georgian
35 სამტრედია Samtredia Non-Standard Georgian
36 Վաղարշապատ Vagharshapat Non-Standard Armenian
37 Աբովյան Abovyan Non-Standard Armenian
38 Ալավերդի Alaverdi Non-Standard Armenian
39 Ախթալա Akhtala Non-Standard Armenian
40 Այրում Ayrum Non-Standard Armenian
41 Աշտարակ Ashtarak Non-Standard Armenian
42 Ապարան Aparan Non-Standard Armenian
43 Արարատ Ararat Non-Standard Armenian
44 Արթիկ Artik Non-Standard Armenian
45 Արմավիր Armavir Non-Standard Armenian
46 Արտաշատ Artashat Non-Standard Armenian
47 Բերդ Berd Non-Standard Armenian
48 Բյուրեղավան Byureghavan Non-Standard Armenian
49 Գավառ Gavar Non-Standard Armenian
50 Գյումրի Gyumri Non-Standard Armenian

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