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Arabic Text Parsing System

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Parsing is a key to accurate translation, once text is correctly disassembled; it is much easier to transfer to a different (or simplified) language.

Kalmasoft is in the process of developing a unique high-end Arabic parser, which can correctly analyze natural text, represent it as abstract elements and relationships, and then seed it to generate text in a new language. Kalmasoft's parser which utilizes a bottom-up parsing technique is language dependent for now however, migration is possible requiring only a different rule set and number of lexicons for each additional language.

MAPS modules
MAPS modules heirarchy.

MAPS Arabic text parser
A screenshot of MAPSeman Parser interface, you can view the technical specifications. You may also DOWNLOAD Evaluation copy.

V: verbA: adjectiveC: conjunction
N: nounPr: prepositiona: adverb
d: demonistrativer: relativeE: verbal noun
R: pronounT: typographic errorU: unknown
ACT: ActiveIMP: ImperativeM: masculine
PAS: PassiveJUS: JussiveF: feminine
PRF: PerfectiveEMP: Emphatic1: first person
IMF: ImperfectiveS: singular2: second person
IND: IndicativeD: dual3: third person
SUB: SubjunctiveP: plural

وتشمل الوثيقة عدة تغييرات في مهام القادة العسكريين تحدد تطور العمليات في المنطقة وخطط جديدة سيستعملونها في عمليات عسكرية مقبلة

KATS version:
wt$ml Alwxyq: od: tgyyrAt fy mhAm AlqAd: Aloskryyn tHdd tTwr AlomlyAt fy AlmnTq: wKTT jdyd: systomlwnhA fy omlyAt oskry: mqbl:

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