Arabic Names Indexer/Geolocater System


MAPSOno is the family name of our anthroponomy processing package; a set of specialized modules tuned for applications such as information retrieval, document clustering, named entity extraction (NER), and translation. Output samples are available for download as PDF for your convenience, you are also invited to send us your sample input for processing free of charge, we accept limited size samples in any form or encoding.

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The Arabic name indexer/geolocater system is a stand-alone application dedicated for name-recognition technologies that addresses the specific needs and demands of managing multicultural multi-regional name datasets. It provides cultural classification of Arabic full personal names allowing for greater accuracy when applying linguistic and statistical analysis on Arabic full personal names, including:

  • Name's type and gender recognition.
  • Determining which name, of a full name combination, is likely to be the given name or surname.
  • Providing ranked gist list a name token is likely belonging to specific geographic region.

MAPS Name Indexer
A screenshot of MAPSOno Indexer interface, you can view the technical specifications. You may also DOWNLOAD Evaluation copy.

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