Database of Arabic Name Variants


Arabic names spread in a wide geographic area that extends from Southeast Asia to South America, those names are used to be transcripted using the Latin alphabet for many purposes e.g. in travel documents with major differences based on the languages prevailing in those regions, for example the two common names (Muhammad, Abdullah), are pronounced completely different in West Africa than in the Middle East, so their orthography follows the pronunciation which may be (Mohamado, Mouhamedou, Mohameden, Abdolahi, Abdolaye); in addition, to other versions such as (Mamado, Mamadi, Adolay) which are due to the absence of special Arabic sounds in West African scripts.
Restoring original Arabic names requires careful processing that usually fails due to the considerable changes Arabic names undergo in non-Arabic speaking environment with East and South Asian countries being the major source of many of the most hard to restore romanized variants compared to their European counterparts.
The database consists of around [40 millions] real-world roman variants for almost all Arabic names with their original Arabic paralles and other important information, variants follow ICAO 9303 aka ISO/IEC 7501-1 make them ready for use by government agencies and other interested parties.
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Arabic Name Variants

Entry: Romanized variant of the Arabic nameArabic: legitimate Arabic origin
Locale: geographic region where the variant frequency is considered high:

Please download larger Database of Arabic name variants sample in TXT format, or other related samples from dbsamples.htm.

ID Entry Arabic Locale
1 Tanvir تنوير
2 Nayamat نعمات
3 Ajijur rahman عزيز الرحمن
4 Imtiyaz إمتياز
5 Khairul Islam خير الإسلام
6 Amanullah أمان الله
7 Aman Ullah أمان الله
8 Firoj فيروز
9 Sirajul Islam سراج الإسلام
10 Selim Uddin سليم الدين
11 Najirul Islam نذير الإسلام
12 Abdulvahab عبدالوهاب
13 Abdulvahid عبدالواحد
14 Abdulatij عبدالعاطي
15 Abdulatipov عبداللطيفوف
16 Abduljavad عبدالجواد
17 Abduljubbar عبدالجبار
18 Haider حيدر
19 Abdukadir عبدالقادر
20 Shiraj شيراز
21 Abdulmazed عبدالمجيد
22 El Moustapha المصطفى
23 Abdilahi عبدالله
24 Abokor أبوبكر
25 Aichetou عائشة
26 Zeinebou زينب
27 Moctar مختار
28 Moud محمود
29 Med محمد
30 Mohameden محمد
31 Brahim إبراهيم
32 Lemine الأمين
33 Babecar أبوبكر
34 El Hacen الحسن
35 Aminetou آمنة
36 Vadel فاضل
37 Nevissa نفيسة
38 Ibrahima إبراهيم
39 Aboubakry أبوبكر
40 Lemrabett المرابط
41 Vih El Barka فيه البركة
42 Ethmane عثمان
43 Chrive شريف
44 Mamadou محمد
45 Ousseynou حسين
46 Abdou Khadre عبدالقادر
47 Daouda داؤود
48 Kalidou خالد
49 Aliou علي
50 Alassane الحسن


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