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Glossary of Arabic Newspaper Expressions


A database of Arabic press expressions in many fields like politics, sports, entertainment, and other humanities; the gloss column shows the essence of the meaning sometimes with a one-word core meaning -between brackets- plus a short description of the Arabic expression. You can refer to our dictionary of new terms on this page general dictionary of neologisms or database of idiomatic expressions.

Arabic: newspaper expressionType: inflectability
KATS: expression in KATSField: usage domain
Gloss: simplified meaningOrigin: origins of the expression
MOD: modalPLC: politics
NEO: neologismSRT: sports
QRN: Quranic:

ID Arabic KATS Gloss Type Field Origin
0001 سد الباب sd AlbAb [close the door]      
0002 نافلة القول nAfl: Alqwl [worth mentioning] MOD   QRN
0003 صناع القرار SnAo AlqrAr [decision makers] MOD   NEO
0004 تفاقم الهوة tfAqm Alhw: [widen the gap]      
0005 دائرة الشك dAer: Al$k [suspicion circle]   PLC NEO
0006 تحت عنوان tHt onwAn [under the title]      
0007 التي هي أحسن Alty hy !Hsn [best solution] MOD   QRN
0008 نال استحسان nAl AstHsAn [plausible]      
0009 هدف بإمضاء hdf bEmDA' [goal]   SRT NEO
0010 يثير تساؤل yxyr tsAOl [provokes controversy]   PLC  
0011 موقف مشترك mwqf m$trk [common situation]   PLC  
0012 تسوية الأزمة tswy: Al!zm: [resolve the crisis]   PLC  
0013 إنفراج أزمة AnfrAj !zm: [crisis release]   PLC  
0014 تكريس الجهود tkrys Aljhwd [gather efforts]   PLC  
0015 يسود الموقف yswd Almwqf [dominate the situation]   PLC  
0016 عملية السلام omly: AlslAm [peace process] MOD PLC NEO
0017 فضلاً عن fDlAN on [not to mention] MOD    
0018 خطوة رادعة KTw: rAdo: [threatening step]   PLC  
0019 تراوح مكانها trAwH mkAnhA [pending]   PLC  
0020 شأنه شأن $!nh $!n [like]      
0021 الأمر برمته Al!mr brmt: [the whole situation]      
0022 تحت السيطرة tHt AlsyTr: [under control] MOD PLC  
0023 بات من المستحيل bAt mn AlmstHyl [become impossible]      
0024 أصبح في حكم !SbH fy Hkm [became]      
0025 الكلمة الأخيرة Alklm: Al!Kyr: [the final word] MOD PLC  
0026 كشف أوراق k$f !wrAq [ show cards]   PLC  
0027 عقلية عسكرية oqly: oskry: [military mentality]   PLC  
0028 تحت الطاولة tHt AlTAwl: [under table] MOD PLC NEO
0029 الوهلة الأولى Alwhl: Al!wlY [at first glance] MOD    
0030 منتهى الأدب mnthY Al!db [utmost diligence] MOD    


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