Database of Arab Full Names


A package of real world validated and refined Arab full names collected from all Arabic speaking countries for the purpose of academic researches, statistical studies etc..

This is a valuable source of information since every single name is in fact a highly compact miniature database, it also enables in-depth study of the structure of Arab names, their meanings and patterns of spelling variations. The database is valuable for applications such as statistical etymology, Text to Speech machines, name scoring and indexing, NER, CLIR to name just a few possibilities.
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Entry: Arabic whole nameSurname: surname (family name/last name/Nasab/Nisba) (*)
Given: given nameGender: name gender; M: male, F: female, U: unisex (**)
Middle: patronymic middle name(s)Country: two-letter country code. Please refer to codes page.

* Depending on the locale, the surname may indicate any of the types between the parenthesis.
** Please note that "unisex" indicates the usage within the same locale; the same name may be assigned to specific gender elsewhere.

No sample available, please download other related samples in TXT format from dbsamples.htm.

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