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Database of Names of Arabic Origin


Arabic names underwent subtle changes over ages , a quite quantity of those got deformed considerably; the list below is a snapshot of versatile database that contains over [3,000] entries covering 21 countries around the world most of which share common cultural features that can be attributed to the Islamic influence in a way or another.

The database of names of Arabic origin comes with full set of important information including (gender, transcription, and locale) detailed below; usages ranges from professional etymological researches, historians, and software packages such as pedigree software and multilingual encyclopaedia.

Presented here is the typical format we provide the database in i.e. names are provided parsed to the fields shown, further processing is also possible upon your request, please contact us for details. Please refer to our Database of Arabic Names; you are also encouraged to view our Non-Aarab Names Arabicizing System to have an insight of how these names can be Arabicized.

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Entry: foreign nameTranscript: English phonetic transcription of the entry
vocalized: Arabic phonemic transcriptionLocale: geographical locale
Arabic: legitimate Arabic originGender: name gender; M: male, F: female, U: unisex
Roman: Romanization of the Arabic name

ID Entry vocalized Arabic Roman Transcript Locale Gender
0001 Mamado مَامَادُو مُحَمَّد Muhammad   Senegal M
0002 Omadi أُومَادِي أحْمَد Ahmad   Comoros M
0003 Ahmet أهْمِيتْ أحْمَد Ahmad   Turkey M
0004 Burhanettin بُرْهَانَتِّينْ بُرْهَانُ الدِّين Burhan-uddin   Turkey M
0005 Haldun هَلْدُونْ خَلْدُون Khaldun   Turkey M
0006 صوراية صُورَايَة ثُرَيَّا Thuraiya soraaya Algeria F
0007 Lemine لَمِينْ الأمِين Alamiin lamin Mauritania M
0008 Ahmedou أحْمَدُو أحْمَد Ahmad ahmado Mauritania M
0009 Oumrou عُمَرُو عُمَر Umar umaro Mauritania M
0010 Mbareck امْبَارَك مُبَارَك Mubarak ambarak Mauritania M
0011 Hadji حَاجِّي الْحَاج Alhaaj haji Senegal M
0012 أسليماني سُلَيْمَانِيّ أسْلِيمَانِي Sulaymani aslemaani Algeria M
0013 أبكر أبَّكَرْ أبُوبَكْر Abubakr ab-bakar Sudan M
0014 همد هُمَّدْ مُحَمَّد Muhammad hummad Sudan M
0015 Halil هَلِيلْ خَلِيل Khalil haliil Turkey M
0016 Ömür أُمُرْ عُمَر Umar umur Turkey M
0017 صفوت صَفْوَتْ صَفْوَة Safwah safwat Turkey M
0018 بهجت بَهْجَتْ بَهْجَة Bahja bahgat Turkey M
0019 فوضيل فُوضِيلْ فُضَيْل Fudayl fuudel Morocco M
0020 Amêd آمِيدْ أحْمَد Ahmad aamed Iraq M
0021 Радован رَادُوفَانْ رَضْوَان Rudwan radovan Serbia M
0022 هَسْبُولاتُوفْ حَسْبُ الله Hasb-ullah hasbulatof Chechnya M
0023 Sultanof سُلْطَانُوفْ سُلْطَان Sultan sultanof Chechnya M
0024 राज्य رَاجْيَا رَجَاء Rajaa rajya India F
0025 गौहर جَوْهَرْ جَوَاهِر Jawahir jawhar India F
0026 بركت بَرَكَتْ بَرَكة Barakah barakat India F
0027 ثائبہ ثَائِبه ثائبة Tha'ibah tha'iba Pakistan F
0028 আহসান أهْسَانْ إحسان Ihsaan ahsan India U
0029 Zêndîn زينْدِينْ زَيْنُ الدِّين Zaynud-diin zendin Kurdistan M
0030 Êzdîn إيزْدِينْ عِزُّ الدِّين Izzud-diin izdin Kurdistan M


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