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Careful organization of data dependencies
KIJS -  Dataflow digram

KIJS takes into account the fact that courts have a continuing flow of information in form of documents which are persistently keep growing for indefinite time, the system has comprehensive and descriptive techniques that cover all current and future needs of such contents, the figure above shows a brief portion of the structure of the basic database showing the entity relationships of a model court case, organizing information this way ensures reusability and integrity.

Abstract modeling of court case
KIJS -  Case samples

KIJS represents court cases in an abstract method (Abstract Model Document) that is appropriate for all regions regardless of the language or or any geographical considerations; laws and procedural complexities are left to the different software applications that are adopted by system.
A thorough outline of procedures and court case workflows

KIJS includes a comprehensive structures for each possible inter-court procedure workflow, linking the different courts and judicial bodies supported by the system, application categories like case management systems, court e-filing systems, court scheduling, and court document archiving systems are connecting to the system through web services.
Interoperable framework for judicial systems implementing various technologies.
Design on SOA architecture and supports modern cloud technologies (SaaS, NaaS, SAN, HTML5, IP6) to host different applications.
Independent of geographical environment and includes all the necessary standards of judicial procedures in most countries of the Middle East and Africa.
Multitenant and independent of all application software and data formats, this means total flexibility in deployment of various subsystems and user applications.
Implements a highly precise quality assurance system for hosting software applications, this ensures safety and efficiency in the enterprise framework used by the judiciary in the country.
Designed to work in an integrated environment including systems similar to egovernment subsystems.
Modular design applicable to all levels of courts and seamlessly integrates the whole judicial system with other governmental and civil circles in different ans dependent layers.
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 Specifications summary
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