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E-justice system
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Careful organization and expanded torrent information
نظام القضاء الإلكتروني - سيل المعلومات

E-justice system takes into account the fact that the courts have a continuing torrent of information content of various documents and organizational relationships and links are available in more than one format, which is required for long periods, places an order for that purpose a flexible yet comprehensive descriptive methods and cover all current and future needs, the figure above shows a brief portion of the structure components of the basic databases with assumed relationships (Entity Relationships), organizing information this way ensures reuse more than once and the most important is her simplified (normalized) and this ensures that the output of any The application will fit the application input in system functionality and easily add applications and discarded at any time without affecting the information gathered or the relations.

If you don't see above picture clearly can be viewed in a separate window torrent information.

Descriptive structural models dedicated to the case and the parties
نظام القضاء الإلكتروني - نماذج القضايا

Describes the e-justice system issues an abstract method (Abstract Model Document) deals with all the details of the procedures for all types of cases, this approach is appropriate for all countries, regardless of the language or regional and geographical determinants, including how to apply laws and procedural complexities, this level is for the different applications that are equipped by system, figure above briefly describes the structure and dependencies which must adhere to all applications considered without adhering to a specific product, for example, you can use any programming language to build above and save data using Any database meets the criteria of basic system structure changed depending on the type of issue in the case, for example, traffic issues, add new components for the vehicle involved in the accident and insurance data, victims, etc., when sentencing is added many other components, such as details of the judgment and the Court, lawyers and financial details on fines and prison details that the ruling came, each figure actually reflects the case file in the naked body in a specific phase of the litigation, this way you can bind all courts in State without imposing software product from, among others, but is requiring producers of software and applications with a clear approach defined by the justice system.

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A thorough outline of procedures and workflows between

E-justice system includes a comprehensive descriptive structures for each possible workflow procedures between courts and the latest technologies used today. Linking the different courts and judicial bodies supported by the system, based on multiple levels and its commercial applications and specification management software (Case Management Systems) and the electronic litigation systems (Court E-Filing Systems) and a calendar of the Tribunal (Court Scheduling) and the digitization and archiving applications (Document Imaging and Archiving), the figure above shows the Organization of the work of the courts and procuratorates and legal experts.

If you don't see above picture clearly can be viewed in a separate window workflow diagrams.

General features
As a collaborative framework (Interoperable Framework) for custom software applications for the judicial systems of various techniques and designs.
Depends on the structure of wave (Service-Oriented Architecture) and supports most modern applied standards including (SaaS, NaaS, SAN, HTML5, IP6) and desktop applications, this means optimum use of all devices developed in the field of information technology and communications.
Independent of geographical environment and includes all the necessary standards of judicial procedures in most countries of the Middle East and the African and Arab worlds.
Independent of all application types and data formats, this means total flexibility in the employment of the various subsystems and commercial applications.
Contains a precise criterion to examine suitable all kinds of custom business systems and applications to work with, this ensures safety and efficiency in the work of the judiciary in the State.
Prepared to work in an integrated environment including systems similar to State bodies and executive bodies, bearing in mind that the judiciary already overlap with all organs of the State and its institutions, individuals and other bodies outside the State.
Progress design applicable to the level of the Court and associate all the courts smoothly without the complexities of systems code hides the details of current and future supplies and separating components and deal with each component in a separate layer.
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Specifications summary
 تنزيل ملخص المواصفات
System directory
 طلب الحصول على دليل النظام

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