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 Custom vehicle management screen
Stolos - vehicle management

For vehicles (or trucks) used the screen above to enter just any trucks items not every truck with details, enter the individual trucks enter using other specialized screen where the item can be used to get the most basic specifications it is not only the subset of data such as number plate number, insurance and other important figures such as engine number.

Screen to manage fuel supply operations
Stolos - fueling

Fuel supply operations vary from one company to another and from one State to the other, so Kalmasoft and you adjust the screen by each individual company and depending on your workflow.

Maintenance and spare parts
Stolos - service and spareparts

Screen maintenance parts and rely primarily on a workshop track for transport company, if there is a specialized workshop, this screen will be smaller and less detail.

Custom screen to enter the frame types
Stolos - tire screen

Frames is the second item cost after fuel (this depends on the quality of roads) and are very expensive item for any transportation company, fleet system depends on the screen above to enter a tires used items, and then uses another screen for each frame individually by using the serial number, Windows reports calculated the lifetime of a window and the total mileage to estimate the remaining distance, the staff member shall receive an immediate alert when exceeded any mileage allowed by the lifetime of a window.
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Forms and reports Tire control Fuel voucher
Stolos - forms and reports Stolos - tire records control Stolos - fuel voucher
The Stolos system contains a large library contained more than thirty different form or custom form for vehicles and drivers, etc. From this screen you can enter any frame separately and calculate remaining life as well as modify records lghadavh new age of the window after the renovation. The fuel card is issued automatically once validation task orders, get the driver on this card that lets him exchange the quantity indicated.
Best application of its kind in terms of technology used for the transport and freight enterprise.
Stolos provides an easy-to-use bilingual Arabic and English user interface featuring all standard functions.
Elegant and intuitive screens customizable acoording to user preferences and can be moved and placed as required.
Easy data entry supported by form validation techniques to help in entering vehicles, fuel and drivers data with less effort.
Stolos contains a large amount transportation related forms and reports.
Powerful search tool with ability to search in all documents pertaining to the task with different types of files and formats.
Task specific organizer with a sophisticated calendar that helps in managing complicated tasks.
Export and import for the most common file formats for further editing and formatting.
Sophisticated means to follow jobs through notes and alerts received from the competent authorities regarding shipment loading, transport and unloading.
Featuring job export that saves the whole task in a single file for furhter processing and easy manipulation in a format compatible with other identical platforms.
Output compatible with standard file formats such as PDF, DOCX, XLSX, and ODT.
Handles more than one task through specialized interfaces enabling complex procedures that otherwise would be very hard to accomplished by conventional methods.
Specialized modules to calculate the costs and outlays for transport operations and human resources for the company.
An integrated fleet management manual in Arabic/English comes with rich diagrams and illustrations.
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