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Law Practice Management System - (Alustad©) Web Edition


Cases dashboard

Alustad - Dashboard

Cases are shown in an easy basic view to help in getting most at a galnce.

Alustad integration

Alustad - integration

Most common cloud services can be integrated seamlessly into the system in an intuitive way.

Alustad dashboard

Alustad - dashboard

Simple and straight forward dashboard.


Innovative case creation options

Alustad - case creation

Four ways to create a matter in the system, either by filling the required fields, following a preset track in step by step style, using template, and copying an existing case.

Case details

Alustad - case details

A case can be viewed in different ways depending on the account privileges and how the case is created.

Client documents

Alustad - documents

All documents whether local or online can be accessed from a single repository combining all content sources.


Clients address book

Alustad - clients

A powerfull address book that serves different needs during all activities.

Contact creation

Alustad - new contact

Contacts can be either person or organization with subcategories that can be set during the addition process.

Task and time tracking

Alustad - tasks

Tasks can easily be created, assigned and tracked.


Client billing

Alustad - billing

Alustad billing.

Invoice issuing

Alustad - invoices

Alustad generates invoices on demand based on client payments and activities taken by the law office.

Billing setup

Alustad - billing setup

Payment planning starts with billing setup through which various fee models can be created and used later.

Alustad Web Edition comparison

Technical specifications Solo Office Bisuiness Enterprise
Activity Dashboard
Automatic Notifications
Automatic Reminders
Billing & Invoicing
Calendar Management
Case Management
Works independently or within the justice system
Mobile application access
Multiple user interface languages
Data Import/Export
Third party document storage
Invoice Management
Document Templates
SSL security
Multiple users
Third party integration
Time & expense tracking
Integration with Microsoft Office
Comprehensive library of laws in 20 Arabic speaking countries
Legal procedures support in 20 countries
Separate database storage
User management module
Dedicated text editor for legal documents
Multiple open cases

Alustad Web Edition comparison

Feature Solo Office Business Enterprise
Maximum number of users151050
Ideal forSingle lawyerCoworking, shared office spaceSmall firmsLarge firms

Functional module description

Alustad includes a large amount of functional units (Functional Module) some basic and each comes integrated with the application and can be activated and other units come separately can be merged at a later stage with Alustad, these units provide the following features:

  • Expressive interfaces

    Alustad uses the unmistakable and logical interfaces in sequences and illustrative methods can be accessed directly by clicking on the screen, as well as links to case files are available in the control column in the main interface of Alustad, user can use the mouse to hover over the screen space for additional information.

  • Management matters

    Alustad can create relationships between files and display matters on screen reflect the type of matters with different complexity, for example, multiple matters or multiple defendants prosecutors including those churning out more than counsel for the defence.

  • Email

    Possibility of sending copies of petitions and pleadings to clients by e-mail, if Alustad is set to automatic.

  • Contracts

    Alustad displays all matters and contracts specific to a certain customer or client with full details of the procedure in those cases or transactions.

  • Conduct of work

    Alustad depends on a modern system functioning (Work Flow Automation System) works to manage cases of prosecution or litigation processes, the system checks the update all files and all liabilities of the litigation system automatically create the required files if available and put at the disposal of the Attorney to complete either directly or automatically depending on the exact business model requirements, which also works on the modernisation of the case, the system functioning fully adjustable by the lawyer.

  • Summarize matters

    Contains a summary of the case and give the screen a summary of every matter in a single page.

  • E-link

    Alustad can track matters that counsel through Alustad link to the e-justice system.

  • Share resources

    Alustad adapts every resource in your system for the current matter and service allows access to all documents relating to the different types whether reserved by counsel or by a third party, for example, if the lawyer read a penal record to the client, the software gives him all the other information.

  • Adjustment rules

    Alustad has the ability to send email to clients with details of actions completed (depending on settings) in the time periods or as action is achieved as well as of the receipt of the mail client for email notification.

  • Generate templates for common matters

    Alustad has wizard tools that use templates (boilerplate) to create new matters, this tool is doing a comprehensive template depending on the type of case provides all the preliminary elements of a case such as the core files for submissions and materials required and summary procedures in addition to contact them including all the important information that could be used, all in one folder and fill in the blanks for lawyer-client only.

  • Custom screens for common matters

    Alustad provides its professional specialized screens such common traffic violations and medical malpractice, and commercial fraud and family matters.

  • Backup

    Alustad saves a copy of every email sent in the case file.

  • Alerts and commentaries

    Alustad displays the task comments and warnings before opening the case so as to avoid any delay in the procedure should be taken because of a specific command, such as the death of the client.

  • Monitors the distribution of tasks

    Alustad depends on record for each action taken in each case and who did it once and saves the old data before the change and this is useful in case in case of errors during entry or amendment.

  • Link to the courts

    Implements custom screens to review the case within the law firm team to find out the progress of the proceedings and by whom all this is added to the task list so it becomes easy for the Director of the Office of the law firm allocation of work and investigation on the situation of each case in detail.

  • Use of services

    Alustad displays all the events in an inuitive calendar.

  • Service integration

    Alustad has the ability to link all office services provided by a third party such as judicial services such as electronic calendar and medical reports of judicial authorities and providers of information services to provide support to locate defendants and find assets and information relating to the case and put it all in an organized manner in the database and continues to perform with the task automatically, for example, if Alustad is linked to the E-Justice service application works to ensure that any addition of a permanently available for all The matters included in the Bureau, if any modifications it automatically download modifications and then notifies the responsible person via e-mail.

Note:- Specifications are subject to change without prior notice

Answers to common questions

Thanks for your questions! We have received some questions mostly from the Middle East where lawyers interested in this specialized electronic product, we have dedicated this page to answer most of the answers and replies to your questions.

Question Answer
How much does it cost to subscribe to this application?Alustad base price plus an additional amount at the request of additional units or customize and modify the functionality, please write to us for details.
Can I use the demo version of the official business?No, user can download a demo version from the site but is not suitable for direct application and not covered by any warranty from us and updated without prior notice so user may find yourself compelled to download newer version every time and so may cause loss of data which user fill out.
Can any one use the system?No, this application is intended for professionals and lawyers specifically, unless user are familiar with the requirements of that profession or amateur willing to develop a similar application, we do not recommend wasting time trying to benefit in non-specified purposes.
What is the difference between a "Alustad" and other applications for this type of application?Of course there are many custom applications for professionals of law available online from others, but what distinguishes this system is included, in addition to being not just a data recording application is filled with information and then take it out, it is a legal assistant in addition to integrated case management application, part of a large system (electronic system of Justice) and is not intended to regulate the work of counsel, but at any moment can be linked to the electronic judicial system operates at the level of the judiciary and justice in each State.
Does Alustad link with other institutions within the State?Yes, the overall design of Alustad which took into account the fact that human rights organizations are separated from the rest of the institutions of the State, for example, direct proceedings to courts in the State and could also send ads to the parties to the case from the Court directly as trading records of penal cases of the prosecution without having to go to them, in short application formatted to work in integrated electronic environment at the State level and to link units are described accurately within a comprehensive framework "Interoperable framework" absorbs elements in both vertical and horizontal.
Simply installing a application into an integrated e-government project smoothly because it is designed in accordance with the future vision from the beginning.
To what extent can benefit from the outputs of Alustad?On the conceptional application is too complex to have been investigating many aspects of possible uses for all units within the configured binding method was using code templates and it can actually print output to paper or exported to text files and eventful "RTF" text as well as other types of formats that fit your databases such as "SQL" and "XML" or "HTML" format for browsing.
What is the benefit of voice dictation feature and register?If user would like to listen to your client without interrupted or wasting time writing notes, this feature is useful.
If user would like to process application I who are proficient in computer printing, user can record the contents of the petition and will hear her officer-in-charge of the print the petition and would not need to prepare a draft so user can devote themselves to the cause.
How do I make a file containing the full case documents?This question is answered in the manuals, in short there is a single button press it to each and every matter in a single folder, user can send an email from within Alustad or save it on a CD and user will not need the send it only to put it in drive it displays all content.
Do user support application on any other applications offered on the computer?No, unless the user need to use those other applications (such as text editors and software) user can simply application solo. There are features will not work when connected to an electronic system of juvenile justice, such as the follow-up of cases, e-justice system is a complex set of applicationmes run by the State.
Do I need to connect to E-Justice system to work?No, Alustad can work independently but this makes it a management tool and a way to deal with different files, software functions will be limited in this case to the registry, and the edit summary and proceedings in a professional manner.
User can use Alustad with my assurance that I find what I need?Yes, Alustad integrated in the sense that it works for the profession specifically and therefore has legal information for your country as well as of the means employed in legal proceedings.
For example the following terms (dhoinine, the suspect, accused, suspect) mean one thing but user will find one of them is used in your country and will be introduced by application alone provided adjust Alustad the right way.
What security level in this application?Alustad uses three levels of security for the data matters are fully encrypted (encrypted), and for the e-mail application used (PGP), the Protocol for data transfer to the judicial system, Alustad uses the Protocol (SSL).
The easiest way to start learning how to use Alustad?User can download a summary of this page, but we recommend that user download the manual and the documentation before the actual use of the software.
What happens if user want to revert to the use of paper-based system?No need for any action not print all the documents again, Alustad is not designed to dispense with paper but works in an environment of electronic files with double paper, except when linked with an justice system, a large proportion of the documents will be converted into electronic formats.
How Alustad interacts with the texts of the laws are modified?Alustad provides a library user-specific laws to replace any text contained in Alustad library, electronic update library application every year and not in response to amendments to the laws of any State.

All rights reserved, copying this page is not allowed without prior written consent from Kalmasoft, please see our terms of use.
Last updated April 28, 2021