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Requirements (Essential Edition)
Type of requirement Details
Computer type x86, 32bit
Operating systems (Microsoft Windows NT (Windows10, Windows7, Vista, XP, 2000
Other operating systems can be provided upon request      
Database management MySQL Server Version 5.5, MySQL Workbench, HeidiSQL_7.0
Data processing PHP 5.4
Format display on browsers JQuery 1.9
Loading Web pages Apache Server 2.2
Other programs Any of the following Internet browsers:(Explorer, Navigator, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome)
Storage space required on hard drive At least 1 GB
Processor speed required Pentium processor 1 GHz or faster
Memory required 1 GB or more
The appropriate screen size 15-inch or wider
--- Other requirements ---
The following items are provided builds on-demand extensions and the application for capacity, electronic recommends their use for optimal exploitation of all software features.
Printer To print reports
Headset audio To listen to the recordings
Microphone To record audio in case of verbal notes keeping
Video camera To activate the sessions catalog

Software installation requirements
Requirements Essential Edition Business Edition Pro Edition
User manual, about 250 pages and is a comprehensive and detailed guide to explain how to use Alustad.
The training manual, intended for use in combination with some test cases for targeted training on optimal use of all features of Alustad.    
Installation manual, about 50 pages and includes information for the basic installation and setup.  

Interconnection use case overview

متطلبات برنامج الأستاذ

Comprehensive presentation of Alustad within the justice system, the components shown in the illustration above should all be taken as necessities to run Alustad, use Alustad alone it works as a legal assistant and matters management system without any special feature in the conduct of business.

User can view extended view on e-justice system page from here Kalmasoft e-justice system

The Essential Edition of Alustad of medium complexity but can use his relevant experience in the computer technology to address the issue, Alustad is usually controlled by the State and therefore rarely face a big problem during the first use unless the modern computer era lawyer. Practical and professional versions either they require the intervention of a competent technical information to set.

  Note:-the specifications contained on this page or in the trial and full versions are subject to change without any prior notice.

More details (Click image to enlarge)
Printer Scanner Fax
printer scanner fax
Allows the use of traditional printers Alustad for printing on paper with different measurements, in case any of the practical or professional versions then the printer be devices under powers cannot simply connect the printer could print what lawyer on screen to paper. Using program scanner device for inserting Office documents, Alustad supports storing images for Office documents any images that exceed the file size 5 KB and several types of popular formats. Traditional fax machine can be used with Alustad for sending documents quickly, user can of course use your computer to send the documents in more than one way but the fax allows sending documents to Parties not using the computer.
Digital video camera Webcam Microphone
videocam webcam microphone headset
The digital video camera is used in case the e-justice system allows for the transfer of electronic meetings, complex but camera programs are available (from a third party) for ease of use and some are very sophisticated, so follow the concentration and mobility on the one hand to the other. Web camera can be used with the system for conversations or meetings using video program associated with the juvenile justice system, non-professional Web camera but it could be used when necessary due to the requirements of the rapid transfer of data, there are more specialized cameras for professional purposes. Microphone intended for use with voice dictation feature and registration, there are certain specifications and any product that might work in an acceptable manner.
Best application of its kind in terms of design and content in this area full router for it professionals from the legal profession.
The program provides an easy-to-use interfaces in three languages Arabic, English, and French all functions that a user might need.
Screens are stylish and highly flexible allowing the user to move it to any location and placed in available spaces as desired.
Alustad contains a large amount of court forms in all Arabic countries in addition to the special courts, the United Nations body dedicated to the matters of migration and international penal cases.
Alustad is equipped to deal with procedural justice formulas and legal terms of nineteen countries using Arabic language in addition to English (UK), French (France).
Details of the law courts of all kinds in various countries are supported, these details interfere during the process of creating a case to instruct counsel for the correct procedure.
Powerful search tool with ability to search in all documents pertaining to the matter of different types of files and formats.
Export and import for the most common file formats for editing text and tables.
Saves case in one file for each collector accessories and easy modification and re-opening on any other computer with a program.
Compatibility with popular software for file formats (such as PDF) and (DOCX and XLSX) and (ODT).
Handles more than one case through specialized interfaces enable complex procedures cannot be accomplished by conventional methods.
Feature summary provides official and custom styles appear in the background of the case for display purposes or review submission to the appellate courts.
Dedicated modules to calculate the legacy tax, Zakat and come free with Alustad.
Glossaries of legal terms in three languages can be updated at any time by the lawyer directly by program or by importing glossaries are available from other sources.
An integrated manual in three languages Arabic, English and French with the explanation the facilitator with photos and illustrations.
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