Atlas of Military Weapons

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Atlas Specifications

Overall Description
  • High resolution images.
  • Breif history of most weapons with illustrations.
  • Video clips from real life.
  • Datasheets and engineering drawings and diagrams.
  • Video clips and demonstrations.
  Warning: This software includes descriptive paragraphs showing how to make hazardous materials and harmful devices that may cause permanent injuries if not properly handled; we highly recommend that you never try to experement, assemble, disassemble, prepare, or try to obtain any of the components or materials mentioned inside.
Atlas Download
Software Download link (under construction) Specification
Kalmasoft Atlas Viewer only KATLAS1.1 5MB, RAR archive.
Database file only KADWEPN1.1 2MB, RAR archive.

  • Extract the RAR archive to a suitable folder.
  • Run the atlas viewer and click on the "Load" button.
  • Browse to the database file folder and load the atlas
  • The database file is no longer needed, you can remove it to save the space.

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